The UWCK Community Garden 

Located adjacent to our headquarters at 604 North Main Street in Elizabethtown, our Community Garden serves as a beacon of community and sustainability, fostering collaboration and education for the betterment of our region. Made possible through the dedicated efforts of the John Hardin High School FFA program, as well as contributions from generous community members and businesses, the Community Garden officially opened June, 2022. 

The project aligns with our organization’s three pillars, encompassing health, education, and financial stability. By offering fresh produce to the neighborhood, the garden promotes healthier eating habits. Onsite learning opportunities and volunteerism provide the community with valuable insights into gardening and food production, empowering them to replicate these processes at home. Additionally, the availability of free and low-cost food helps residents save money, contributing to their financial stability.

The garden features five community beds and five private beds, primarily serving the Main and Williams Street neighbors. Community members are encouraged to pick from the community beds or find harvested and ready-to-eat produce in the baskets under the pavilion. We are also proud to say that the idea of creating community through a garden has expanded beyond our Elizabethtown project, as we recently presented a mini-grant to Breckinridge-Grayson Programs, Inc. to be used to construct a children’s garden.

In May 2023, we celebrated the inauguration of the Community Garden Education Pavilion, an essential addition to our space. Thanks to the generous sponsorship from the Elizabethtown Noon Rotary Club, in collaboration with Altec and Dow, the pavilion provides ample space for harvesting crops, training volunteers, and hosting educational events.

The Community Garden is more than just a green space; it is a thriving hub that nurtures a sense of belonging, sustainability, and healthy living within our community. We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, whether as a volunteer, donor, or visitor. 

To learn more about how to get involved in the garden, email Brianne Smith at Join the Community Garden Facebook Group.